Sunday 27.12.2020

Published26 12 2020, 17:00

Danger level

Avalanche Problem
Wind-drifted snow

Wind slabs are to be evaluated with care and prudence.

Above the tree line the wind slabs have increased in size since Christmas Day. The fresh and somewhat older wind slabs can be released even by a single winter sport participant in all aspects, especially at their margins. Mostly avalanches are rather small. The prevalence of avalanche prone locations and likelihood of triggering will increase with altitude. Caution is to be exercised in particular adjacent to ridgelines and in gullies and bowls. In regions neighbouring those that are subject to danger level 3 (considerable) the avalanche prone locations are more prevalent and the danger is greater.


dp.6: cold, loose snow and wind

As a consequence of a strong wind from variable directions, brittle wind slabs formed above the tree line. In some places wind slabs are lying on the soft surface of an old snowpack, especially on shady slopes.
In its middle, the snowpack is well consolidated. Towards its base, the snowpack is faceted, especially on shady slopes above the tree line, as well as in all aspects in high Alpine regions.


Significant increase in avalanche danger as a consequence of new snow and wind.